In Sickness and in Health: Why Having a Regular Dentist Pays Off

Good oral health and hygiene are essential for your general well-being and overall health. Oral health practitioners play a vital role in addressing various issues to give you confidence and protect the integrity of your smile. Some dental issues require the immediate attention of a doctor, and being able to visit a local emergency dentist is much better than driving a long distance in your time of distress.


So, why is it so important to make regular dental visits? NYC Health states, “In NYC, more than one in three kindergarten students has untreated tooth decay, and one in four adults aged 65 and above have no teeth.” With that being said, regular dental visits don’t only address those issues; they also help establish and maintain a good relationship with a dentist, which can serve you well during emergencies and times of distress.


It’s often stressful to visit a new doctor and it can cause anxiety as you sit and wait, wondering what kind of service you will get. The process of signing on as a new patient is not always simple, but now imagine going through the process during an emergency. It can be very daunting and nerve-wracking. This article will list a few benefits of finding, and sticking with, a local dentist.


  • Regular Check-ups
  • After visiting a dentist more than once, you’ll usually get messages reminding you of your next scheduled appointments and regular checkup reminders. If the doctor is in the same area as you, that means less stress from missing important medical appointments due to distance or forgetfulness.


  • Your Dentist Understands Your History
  • An oral health practitioner that you visit regularly already has your medical record and knows what kind of issues you have been dealing with, the kind of allergies you have, and any history of hereditary diseases that might affect your oral health. In times of distress, instead of consulting a new local emergency dentist, you already have someone who can address your issues promptly.


  • It Can Save You Money

    Prevention is better than cure and, with regular visits, your doctor can detect diseases before they develop into life-threatening issues. Early detection saves you money that you would otherwise spend to alleviate critical conditions.


  • Help with Advice on Cosmetic Dentistry

    Your dentist can recommend different methods of improving the appearance of your smile. He will know whether you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure. In addition, if there is a crisis with the mentioned procedures, your local emergency dentist will be on standby to help you.


  • Peace of Mind

    Nothing beats the satisfaction of visiting a doctor that you already know and trust. Since you have regular visits with them, you know how they treat patients and whether they are kind and compassionate during distress. It will give you confidence when you or your loved ones need dental attention.

  • They’re on Hand in an Emergency

    Once you establish a close relationship, you can have your local emergency dentist on speed dial for times of distress. You’ll know their location and emergency protocol as well as the range of emergency issues they deal with, which will help put your mind at ease during a crisis.


    The benefits of finding and maintaining a close relationship with a reputable and experienced oral health practitioner in your area are many, however, it is important to find a reputable dentist who deals with a wide range of oral issues.


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    Ellen Smythe is a Practice Manager at Smile Arts of NY, a dental office that provides the best care and advanced modern cosmetic dental procedures, including teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, veneers, Invisalign, dental implants and emergency treatments. If you need the services of a local emergency dentist, NYC-based Smile Arts have been helping New York City residents achieve the look and care they’ve always wanted with their state-of-the-art, affordable dental services since 2010.

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