Casino Bimbo Brawls of 2023: Lebron’s Girlfriend Has Cat Fight with Onlyfans Model

Ah, adventures in modern adult dating, and adult sex online or off. A high-ranking official at LeBron James’ tequila firm has been revealed to be the lady seen fighting with her husband’s alleged OnlyFans model lover in the midst of a Las Vegas hotel.

Erin Harris, the 42-year-old wife shown on tape in the chaotic casino brawl at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, is presently the head marketing officer for Lobos 1707, the whiskey line owned by the NBA player.

A former senior vice president of rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs’ entertainment organization, Combs Enterprises, Harris was named only a few weeks after the video of the July 9 brawl involving four women went viral.

24-year-old Danielle Pertusiello, a confessed participant in the altercation, accused Harris, who is also active in social justice causes and mentoring black women in business, of starting the fight.

Harris apparently found work with another A-lister in her position as senior vice president of rapper Diddy Combs’ Enterprises before managing the marketing for LeBron James’ tequila brand.

Pertusiello claims that her argument with Harris began four months before their altercation at the casino when the executive learned that her husband was seeing the model.

She alleges that Harris hired a private detective who discovered the liaison, resulting in a tense phone call when Pertusiello confessed to having slept with the married guy.

I assured her that someone else would take my place if it wasn’t me, she recalled.

Nevertheless, when Fox called Mike Harris, he disputed the relationship and said that the viral video had ‘nothing to do’ with him. Two ladies got into a brawl in a motel. It was unconnected to me, he declared.

Pertusiello appears to enjoy the 51-year-old because, as she described it: “He just like, takes care of me,” he is the CEO of a high-end sporting goods firm, according to reports. He also claims that his success is due to his lavish lifestyle.

Pertusiello said her friend Amanda Collado, 29, was at a pool party just before the altercation and that both ladies were seen in the video with two other women.

She claims Harris simply happened to remember her when the two of them went to the casino at the Wynn to use the restroom, which prompted her to allegedly charge her.

According to Las Vegas police, however, the events leading up to the altercation were more subdued. They said that surveillance film showed Harris and a buddy simply lightly tapping Pertusiello on the shoulder to draw her attention.

The four girls then allegedly began punching each other, according to the police.

Parts of the altercation were filmed in two different videos that quickly gained popularity on social media. The first showed Pertusiello, who was dressed in a gold suit, pinning Harris’ buddy, who was wearing a black and white top and denim shorts, to the casino’s red carpet.

The person recording the confrontation can be heard saying. follows an audible slapping sound as the fury of the struggle increases.

One of the ladies was pinned against the wall by a bystander who attempted to separate them, but Pertusiello charged him with a pink-heeled flip-flop.

In the second video, Harris is seen riding a battery-powered scooter next to a poker table at the casino while sporting a pair of cream sweatpants. She was twisted on her side, fighting the woman in gold again, the two of them in a tight grasp.

As the woman in gold and Harris hang on to each other, slapping and kicking each other, Harris is now practically horizontal on the scooter. As a throng watches, the person filming can be heard saying, “Dude, this shit is crazy.”

The security guy drags one of the ladies to the ground and pins her down with her arms behind her back while the males are finally able to separate the two women.

Pertusiello and Collado were freed after receiving tickets for disruptive behavior.

Police attempted to speak with Harris, but when they got to her room, she had left and was not available on the phone, the report said.



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